Francia Raísa says there’s “No Beef, Just Salsa“! The How I Met Your Father actress sat down with J-14 just days after selling out the pre-order for her collaboration with LA VICTORIA Salsa — and explained how costar Hilary Duff helped push her to create the epic collaboration.

“Manifestation works,” the Los Angeles native told J-14 exclusively, explaining that she isn’t shocked by the success of her newest business venture — since she’s been speaking it into existence for years now. “I really believe in manifestation and the power of words.”

Francia went on to explain she was “so nervous” before launching “No Beef, Just Salsa” with LA VICTORIA Salsa.

“I’ve obviously haven’t done something like this before,” she admitted. “So I’m really grateful for the love and support that I have from people that I’ve never met. It’s incredible and crazy, and I’m so happy.”

Now that the pre-sale is sold out, Francia can’t wait until fans actually get to try her creation.

“I can’t even wait until they taste the salsa, because if you guys are buying it now — wait until you taste it,” she gushed.

The Mexican-Honduran American actress grew up in L.A., and definitely wasn’t much of a chef in her youth, she confessed. It wasn’t until she left home at 18 years old when she decided to try and perfect at least one dish — salsa.

“That was the first thing I learned how to make — and I realized I couldn’t find it anywhere that tasted like home,” she recalled. “So I asked my mom to teach me how to make it, and I went home and I tried and it sucked, but I kept trying and I kept trying. Now almost 20 years later, I cannot believe that I’m jarring it and I’m selling it.”

While Francia says she won’t be calling herself a chef anytime soon, she revealed that after Guy Fieri tried her homemade salsa, the chef gave her some advice. “He said, ‘If you don’t jar this, you’re crazy,'” Francia recalled.

However, it wasn’t Mr. Flavortown that actually sparked Francia to finally pull the trigger on her salsa idea — it was her How I Met Your Father costar Hilary!

“When I took it to Hillary Duff’s house and she was like, ‘You better jar this,'” the actress said of her “aha!” moment. “She just wouldn’t let it go — and I was like, ‘What? Really? I don’t know.'”

Not only that, the former Lizzie McGuire actress even had Francia come over her house to teach her how to make the salsa herself!

francia raisa
La Victoria

“Her kid had the salsa running down his mouth,” Francia laughed, explaining that right after the cooking session, she went to her team “and the idea was birthed.”

She concluded, “I have to thank her for it because there’s no way I would’ve ever thought about doing this.”

LA VICTORIA® Salsa Crafted by Francia Raísa is available nationwide on Amazon and

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