Glitter filled eggs are the little gems you never knew you needed in your life, until now. Or rather, we should say exploding glitter eggs. Yeah, we've got a bit of an eggs-plosion on our hands here. And honestly, you'll never want to look at another pimple-popping video again once you feast your eyes on the glitter eggs-plosions experience. Trust us on this one, it's pretty magical. Check out the video above to see real eggs being cracked open with nothing but colorful glitter falling down.

Totally lived up to all that hype, right? Seriously so satisfying and calming to watch. Here we present a stand-out moment, in GIF form for you to appreciate.

glitter filled eggs

Soothing, really, which might not come to mind when you hear the words "eggs" and "explosion" together. But when you think about how watching doctors pop massive pimples is a legit video trend that no one can seem to look away from, getting mesmerized by a video of exploding glitter eggs isn't too far off. According to the one and only Dr. Pimple Popper herself Dr. Sandra Lee, people are weirdly obsessed with these videos because it's basically like an adrenaline rush.

"I think watching popping is similar to seeing a scary movie or riding a roller coaster for some. You get a rush of euphoria and excitement," she said.

So yeah, there's some science behind the fascination of it all. Which leads us to our next point you're probably wondering…

How do you make glitter eggs?

Well, we don't want to give away all our secrets, but for the sake of all those celebrating the upcoming holiday this year who want to do whip up some glitter Easter eggs, we're here to help. Basically, all you have to do is take real eggs — no, we're not masters of illusion over here so yes, those are actual eggs, not plastic ones — blow out the insides of the eggs, and then fill them with glitter. It does take some time, well a lot of time to get it just right, but if you're going to commit to this, it's totally worth it. You can just impress everyone when you go to crack open an egg and out pours mounds and mounds of glitter. Or you can just have everyone keep watching this video on repeat. Either option is a solid one.

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