Ever wish you could take your fave hobby and turn it into a business? Tween entrepreneur Maddie Rae from Fairfield, CT proves it’s possible. Maddie was inspired to make her own slime when she went to the store, and found that glue was sold out everywhere. So that is when she decided to sell gallons of glue – created just for slime making. Maddie Rae collaborated with her dad’s consumer products company to create a website, slimemaking.com, and now she has a full-blown slime business. Talk about a dream come true!

J-14‘s sister magazine Teen Boss is officially on shelves now, and it is jam-packed with inspiring real girl stories like this one.

“We have sold thousands of Slime Jars and pre-sold over a thousand gallons of the glue!” Maddie tells Teen Boss.

Check out Maddie Rae’s feature in Teen Boss magazine for more about her slime-making journey and tips on how to create your very own business.

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