It’s a very sad day for In Real Life supporters. The band has just announced that they’re breaking up, and fans are heartbroken. Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Sergio Calderon and Conor Smith took to Instagram on Monday, January 20 to let everyone know that they will no longer be making music together.

“The last two and a half years have been a life changing experience for us. We have gone on six tours, had a billboard charting single on the radio and dropped our debut album last year. Through all of this, we have gotten a chance to live our dreams, grow closer as brothers as we build an even greater family, our fans,” they wrote in an emotional post. “From the hours you all have spent promoting our singles, to camping out days before our shows, you have always been there for us.”

As fans know, the group was formed on the TV show Boy Band in 2017. They dropped their debut album, She Do, in August 2019.

“From the success of In Real Life, each of us individually have received some incredible opportunities that we believe we must take. As we begin this new decade, it is our decision to take up those opportunities, and see what success may come out of them,” they continued. “Each of us possesses a unique talent that we would love to share with the world, so with that being said, we will be starting a new journey as five solo artists. Just as you have supported the group these past couple years, we request the same love from our family for each member of our band. This is not goodbye from In Real Life forever, it’s just what we believe is right for this moment. We love you all, and look forward to seeing you this year.”

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