By Ashley Spencer

Meet 13-year-old Beatrice Miller: She's 'The X Factor US' season two contestant who Britney Spears says has "the best personality" and the girl that Harry Styles racked up a "big phone bill" voting for. Although the competition is fierce, Beatrice took a break to chat exclusively with J-14 about hanging with One Direction, working with Demi Lovato, and the secret romances happening backstage!

J-14: What has your 'X Factor" experience been like so far? You got to meet One Direction when they performed on the November 7 show!

Beatrice Miller: It's been an adventure. There have been a lot of ups and downs because I've gone through good times — like good performances where I've gotten really good feedback — and I've gone through bad times where it's been exactly the opposite. But mostly, it's been good! I'm going to admit, I was not a huge fan of One Direction before they came, but once I met them, I'm now a huge fan! They're actually so nice. They were just chilling and playing soccer right outside the studio.

J-14: And we hear Harry Styles is big fan of yours!

Beatrice: Harry took the time out of his day to come talk to me because one of the vocal coaches had told him that I was having issues with my confidence. He told me a story about how he 'hit a bum note' and he looked up 'Harry's mistakes' [online] and was reading all of the hate. He said he just sat in his room and was really upset. He was trying to give me an example like, "You know what? I moved on. You don't need to read that stuff. It's not important and it will just make you feel bad." He was just trying to make me feel better. And then he told everyone to vote for me on Twitter! And he followed me, and I was like "This is cool! This is the life of a superstar!" I went up like 30,000 followers in two days because of Harry Styles. It was great.

J-14: Now that you've been able to work with Britney Spears and interact with Demi Lovato, what's something fans would be surprised to know about them?

Beatrice: Britney doesn't get enough credit for her humor. Britney is so, so funny. She's always saying jokes while we were waiting backstage. She's just great. And Demi is really nice and honestly, pictures don't do her justice — she is so gorgeous. She's so pretty and she's funny too.

J-14: Which 'X Factor' contestants have you grown the closest to?

Beatrice: I spend a lot of time with Diamond White and Carly Rose Sonenclar and Arin Ray because they're in my category, but it's also like Arin is my big brother and Carly and Diamond are my sisters.When Diamond got sent home like two weeks ago me, Carly, and Arin were falling apart. It sucked. But when she came back we we're all so happy to be back together. I don't like to think of it as a competition anymore at this point because I've gotten so close to everyone here that if I get sent home but Carly and Diamond stay, I'm going to be at home voting for them. I would be so proud of them. I'll be proud of whoever makes it through.

J-14: What's something that people would be surprised to know about boy band Emblem3?

Beatrice: They are insane. They seem like they're collected and calm when they're on stage, but they're just crazy. They have such big personalities and they just like to do stupid boy things, but also all three of them are really good musicians. Drew is always walking around with a guitar. I know that they all play instruments and they really want to play instruments [on the show] so you might want to look out for that.

J-14: Are there any backstage romances we should know about this season on 'The X Factor'?

Beatrice: I don't have anything going on but I know that a few people do. Arin Ray and somebody — I'm not going to say who — you can just guess, but there is something going on.

Check out Beatrice's performance of "Titanium" during the judges' houses round:

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Photo: Courtesy of Fox

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