Although Liam Payne may be one of the biggest celebrities of all time now, it definitely wasn’t the easiest road for him to get here! Yep, the One Direction singer just opened up about his journey and the beginning of his career, and he admitted that before he joined the band, people would “ridicule” him and yell nasty things while he was out in public.

For those who forgot, the “Strip That Down” crooner actually audition for The X Factor a few years before he got through and was put into the band. But unfortunately, the first time he tried out, he was turned down.

“I went through two years of doing gigs and things by myself. Then after two years of doing that, people around realize that you haven’t got anywhere with your life and it became very sordid and very angry,” the 26-year-old told The Sun. “People would ridicule me in the street and all sorts when I was, like, 15 or 16. I once went in McDonald’s when I was turning 16 and I went up to order my thing, went to sit down with the girl I was with at the time and a group of lads at the top of the stairs were like, ‘X Factor reject!’ Then the whole restaurant was looking at me. It was a really hollow moment, that was like, ‘Oh right, now I know what it’s like to lose fame.'”

Ugh, how messed up is that?! But Liam definitely showed them! Besides dropping five studio albums, breaking numerous records, slaying the charts, selling out a bunch of world tours and making millions of dollars with his fellow 1D bandmates, he’s also dropped a solo album full of bops, launched his own clothing line with Hugo Boss and became a father! You go, Liam!

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