Get ready to bring on all the nostalgia, you guys, because Liam Payne just uploaded a video of himself watching old One Direction clips and reminiscing about his time in the band. Yep, you might want to grab some tissues because the singer took a trip down memory lane, and seeing him relive all of those moments with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik will seriously make you emotional.

First, the 26-year-old watched 1D’s announcement video for their first ever tour.

“I don’t even remember this happening. I sound so different, this is so weird,” he said as he watched the throwback footage.

one direction first tour announcement

Next, the “Strip That Down” crooner relived their appearances on Family Guy and Sesame Street. But when he watched the group’s “Best Song Ever” music video, that’s when things really started to get emotional! He even shared a hilarious behind-the-scenes story from on set of the visual, and fans cannot stop laughing over it.

“Obviously Zayn’s dressed as a woman in this video. I had been off and filmed my scenes as Leroy, and I remember walking back into the makeup room, and I’m walking over and Zayn looks perfectly normal from the back. And when I turned the corner, he had a pair of boobs — it was a really surreal moment of my life,” Liam remembered. “I didn’t mean to look at his boobs, but I did because they were there. It’s not every day that Zayn has boobs. There’s no days except for this one actually. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever walked in on in my life. I really wasn’t expecting it — he had boobs! I thought they were going to stuff a bra but no, he had full on boobs.”

Zayn Best Song Ever

“That was a lot of fun to make that music video,” he added. “I really enjoyed that.”

After that, the pop star watched the “Night Changes” music video, and his reaction was everything.

“This video is really great, and the idea behind it is really good,” he gushed. “But the most awkward part of it is performing this to a camera who’s meant to be your girlfriend. But it’s a camera. Everyone did a really great job though. I thoroughly believe that I’m Harry’s girlfriend right now and that he’s got me on a date. I love it, it’s great.”

Harry Night Changes

Finally, Liam concluded the 9-minute video by watching the “History” music video.

“The craziest thing about filming this video is that we knew what was about to happen next with the band. This one was quite emotional to film,” he said, referring to the announcement of their indefinite hiatus.

For those who forgot, the “History” vid showed various old clips of the guys, and one of them brought back another hilarious memory for Liam.

“I remember that game! When we didn’t want to go somewhere — we had so many things to do in a day and it was so boring at points. We’d have a word and it was a code word where we’d all just fall to the floor and lie there until everyone would go away. I think it was the best game we ever invented,” he shared. “We’d do it in the middle of TV interviews — it’s like one of those games you have with your friends where if you don’t follow through with it you’re the loser in the group. So everyone would do it. It was so bad, I don’t know how we were ever a success.”

One Direction History

“The thing about Louis was, he used to, every time, he’d actively try to break something in every single music video or thing that we were doing,” Liam continued as more scenes from the video flashed across the screen. “For me, it was like a constant job. I was trying to talk to the camera but also watch what the hell [Louis] was going to do next because I knew he would do something crazy.”

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