With a super-hot (and catchy!) single, "Where The Boys At?" and a slot on a must-see summer tour with Diggy Simmons and Mindless Behavior, J-14 recently caught up with all-girl group, The OMG Girlz — Babydoll, Star, and Beauty — to talk all things music, their unique nicknames and what it's really like to tour with Mindless Behavior!

J-14: How did you guys come up with your awesome nicknames?
Star: My mom came up with the nicknames. She's been calling me Star since I was a baby. And then Beauty — her grandma called her 'beautiful doll' and my mom shortened it to Beauty. When Babydoll got in the group, we saw her perform on stage and 'babydoll' just came to be her personality.

J-14: What's it like to tour with Mindless Behavior?
Babydoll: We're like a big family! We pull pranks on each other, too! They're so much fun.

J-14: Do you have a favorite song to perform live?
Star: My favorite is "Gucci This" because everybody gets excited when it comes on. It wasn't my favorite but now it definitely is!
Beauty: I also like "So Official" because there's a band playing it live.

J-14: When you're not performing, what do you do on your down time together?
Babydoll: On our down time together we just watch movies, have fun and do dome stuff that we don't do when we work.

J-14: How would you describe your sound — and what can we expect from your music in the future?
Babydoll: You can expect a lot of fun music, but also music you can relate to. We've got R&B, pop, hip-hop, and I'm rapping — so you have a little rapping there. Hopefully everyone will love it!

Photo: Courtesy of OMG Girlz/Twitter.

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