It's been a big summer for Big Time Rush! Not only have they been traveling the country on their Big Time Summer Tour, but they've also started up an exciting new partnership with Nintendo — including designing their very own Mii characters! J-14 caught up with Logan Henderson to chat all about their summer tour, his good friends Niall Horan and Demi Lovato, and, of course, Nintendo! And to celebrate the partnership, Big Time Rush and Nintendo are giving J-14 readers the exclusive opportunity to create their very own Mario Kart 7 community — click "Read More" for details.

J-14: In honor of Big Time Rush's partnership with Nintendo, rumor has it there are some Mario Kart 7 demo stations set up at some of the Big Time Summer Tour shows. Have you played any of the fans yet?
Logan Henderson: I haven't gotten a chance to play with the fans, but I've been playing my own on the bus for sure. I've definitely kind of been hiding out in the bus, turning on a video game before the show. I'm pretty great at Mario Kart 7. I don't want to get too cocky here, but I'm feeling like I could probably take on the other three guys pretty easily.

J-14: How about those Mii characters! How crazy was it to see yourself in animated form?

Logan: I grew up playing with those other characters, so for them to make one that looks, you know, pretty similar to me was really kind of weird — but awesome!

J-14: Other than playing video games to wind down, do you have any other post-show rituals when you're on tour?
Logan: Usually by the time we get off stage, we're pretty hungry — so we do chow down off stage. But we just kind of hang out in the dressing room and play music with our close friends and family after the show.

J-14: Speaking of close friends: What's the deal with One Direction's Niall Horan and another one of your good buds, Demi Lovato?
Logan: Niall's a really cool guy. We have the same sense of humor, and he was actually born the day right before me, which is pretty cool. He came and saw us actually before we left for tour. I remember we were working on set of the show, so we got to hang out with him and see [One Direction] while they were recording in the studio. I didn't introduce [Niall and Demi] but I did tell Demi about him when we were on tour the last time around. So yeah, I kind of spread the word, you know? They're both really cool people.

J-14: Any plans for the three of you to hang out once you're done with the tour and Niall and his bandmates are back in the US?
Logan: Whenever we're not crazy busy! I know One Direction's going back and forth, between here and the States, and then Demi, of course, is just so, so busy. But whenever there's time, I'm sure we'll all get together and grab some dinner.

Photo Courtesy of Ben Watts/Nickelodeon

To join the J-14 Mario Kart 7 community, all you need is: a Nintendo 3DS System, a copy of Mario Kart 7 game, and wireless broadband internet access. You have it? Great! Now just follow these quick steps:
1. From the Mario Kart 7 Main Menu, choose Online Multiplayer
2. On the next screen, choose Communities
3. Scroll to the top and highlight Search by Code and press the A Button
4. Enter this community code: 67-6715-1509-6088
5. Wait for other J-14 Mario Kart 7 players to join in and have fun.

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