If you think you've heard every version of the classic Cinderella story, think again! Nickelodeon's original musical movie Rags is swapping out the glass slipper princess for a rhythmic and mysterious Cinder-fella! We chatted with Rags star Max Schneider about his time on the set and his friendships with co-star and romantic lead, Keke Palmer. Read on for a preview of the film that's sure to be a modern twist on a timeless favorite. And don't forget to tune in to Nickelodeon on May 28!

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J-14: Tell us about your "Cinder-fella" character, Charlie Prince.
Max Schneider: Charlie loves music more than anything. He wants to be the next big thing, but what it's really about is his love for the music, making his mom, who's passed away, proud, and really doing what's right. He has a kind heart and spirit.

J-14: Which musical number was your favorite to film?
One of the most special ones for me was the pawnshop number, when we're in this tiny pawnshop, dancing all over. It was such an intimate moment because the space was so small. And I loved the song, too, "Nothing Gets Better."

J-14: You and Keke Palmer have amazing chemistry. What was it like working together?
Max: I could go on for an hour talking about Keke! We became really close, like best friends. In the movie we're very romantic and there's a lot of kissing scenes, but she's so professional. We had a conversation before doing all those scenes, like, we're really good friends, but we're going to make this as real as possible to make the chemistry come out. Every time we would do a kissing scene, we'd give each other a high-five and be like, "That was a good one!"

J-14: Your character crushes on one of the world's biggest stars. Who's your celebrity crush?
Max: I have a few. Emma Watson is a lovely girl. And Lucy Hale is beautiful.

J-14: In one scene, Charlie sneaks out to go to the ball behind his stepfather's back. Did you ever do anything rebellious like that as a teen?
I once ran away from home because I was upset with my parents! I didn't get farther than a few feet into the woods, where I hid behind a tree. Sometimes you feel like you should just go out and rebel, and then you realize it's not the right thing to do. You've got to stay true to your family.

Photo Courtesy of Nickelodeon

By: Kelly Mosser

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