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For today's exclusive J-14 New Moon special, we talked with Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, about what his day of filming usually looks — and tastes — like!

J-14 exclusive interview with Taylor Lautner about filming

J-14: We know you're not a big fan of the wig you had to wear for Jacob! Were you excited you got to lose it for part of New Moon?

Taylor Lautner: Absolutely. When I found out I was wearing a wig I was like, "oh cool. I've never done this before!" And in the end I was just itching my head the whole time! The worst was in this one Twilight scene when I wore a beanie over top of it and it made it 100 times worse. So I'd try to negotiate with them not to wear beanies anymore.

J-14: What is a day on set like for you guys?

Taylor: We get out of hair and makeup and start filming, get a little half hour break for lunch, film again. We usually finish around 5:30 or 6 and then go to dinner. They have great food, so we always go out to really nice restaurants — it is a lot of fun! In our down time there… we eat!

J-14: What is your favorite thing to eat from craft services when you're on set?

Taylor: I'm a really a big meat and cheese guy, so I won't make the sandwich. I'll just grab the meat and cheese and eat it straight out of there!

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Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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