It only takes an episode or two of Dance Moms for anyone to realize that there can be some rather rude ballerinas out there every once and while. But for every mean girl, there’s many more girls like Maddie Ziegler, former Dance Moms superstar and current thriving actress who is so not like that. Her role in Leap! transformed her into something she’s never been before: animated and well, not so nice.

The movie Leap! is about two ballerinas. Camille, Maddie’s character, only cares about herself and is rude to Felicie (Elle Fanning) from the start. Felicie is an orphan who has to pretend to be from a rich family in order to get into a fancy ballet school. She quickly learns that her raw talent might not be enough to get past people like Camille. Maddie isn’t used to playing the mean girl, but there was one thing that helped her get into character. She channeled all the bratty dancers she encountered along the way from her dancing days. Turns out they are good for something! Find out what else Maddie had to do to perfect her voice acting by watching the video below!

Maddie makes it clear that voice acting is just as tough as real acting. You’d think that being physical wouldn’t matter when it’s just your voice, but it takes a lot to make it believable! Since she can’t actually get up and dance, voice acting requires a lot of imagination. Maddie’s castmates Elle, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nat Wolff, and more all had their work cut out for them but handled it like pros of course.

To get the full glory of the movie, you can bring Leap! home and watch it whenever you want! The digital edition will be released on Nov. 7, 2017, and Leap! will be on Blu-Ray/DVD on Nov. 21, 2017. This way you can relive Felicie’s musical journey over and over again. Not to mention, check out Maddie’s inner mean girl.

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