If you're a Disney movie fan, then you already know part of the magic of watching the movies is keeping an eye out for Easter Eggs. You know, little-hidden messages and nods to former movies, characters and inside jokes the creators of these projects have that they casually slip into whatever it is you're watching. Olaf's Frozen Adventure, the holiday-themed short based on the characters from Frozen that took fans back to Arendelle where Elsa and Anna realize they don't have any Christmas traditions. Enter Olaf, who takes it upon himself to visit all the townsfolk to gather up all their traditions to share with Elsa and Anna. Of course, things don't go as planned and Olaf basically comes back empty-handed and feeling like he let his girls down only for the Queen and Princess to realize Olaf has been their tradition. All throughout their childhood, their little snowman was always there a part of it all.

olaf's frozen adventure

Now if you didn't catch the musical-short while it was in theaters before screenings of Coco or when it aired on ABC and missed your chance to uncover the Easter Eggs, don't fret. Disney has released a video from the creators of the short who pointed out all the hidden Easter Eggs and we rounded it all up for you. You're welcome.

Check out the gallery of all the Easter Eggs in Olaf's Frozen Adventure you might've missed!

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