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1. Your crush hurt his leg playing soccer, and now he’s stuck at home. You:

  • send him funny notes and a gag gift to take his mind off the pain.
  • bring him homemade goodies, likes brownies and cookies, and his favorite flick on DVD!
  • deliver a singing “get well” telegram in person!

2. Your crush invites you to his birthday party, so you:

  • give him a gift certificate for paintball for two.
  • burn him a special mix CD.
  • buy him a Truth or Dare book and suggest he play it with you!

3. When your crush asks you what your perfect date would be, you say:

  • going to an amusement park or a comedy club.
  • a candle-lit dinner or a walk on the beach!
  • doing something wild, like bungee jumping!

4. Your crush is going on vacation for four weeks. You:

  • buy a travel guide on the place he’s going to and highlight fun facts.
  • lend him your beloved iPod with all his fave tunes on it!
  • unexpectedly show up at the airport and hand him a big bag of his fave candy!

5. Your crush plays in a band! You:

  • offer to decorate his guitar case with feather, gems and other cool stuff.
  • wear a T-shirt with his face on it and stand in the front row cheering!
  • surprise him by taping his show and sending it to a record label!

6. You spot your crush at the beach with his friends. You:

  • challenge him to a volleyball game. The loser buys ice cream!
  • make eye contact and flash him your sweetest smile!
  • walk over, plant your towel right next to his and sit down to chat!

7. When your crush asks you to dance, you:

  • teach him some fun new moves on the dance floor.
  • try not to step on his toes or hold him too tight!
  • what do you mean he asks me to dance? I ask him!

8. Your crush has a new puppy at home, so you:

  • see if you can come over to play fetch with them.
  • offer to keep your crush company when he walks the pup!
  • take a photo of the pup, then show your crush!

9. On the Fourth of July, you:

  • challenge him to a hot dog-eating contest.
  • present your crush with a homemade apple pie.
  • spell out your crush’s name with sparklers!

Mostly A’s: You’re Fun-Loving!

Your guy loves that you two are great friends. He knows he always has fun with you! He appreciates your sunny, upbeat attitude and the fact that you make him laugh! You bring out the best in each other. That’s what makes him so crazy about you!

Mostly B’s: You’re Sweet!

When he’s near you, your crush feels totally at ease. He loves that he can be completely honest with you because you’re caring and compassionate. Like a loyal bud, you’re there for your guy when he needs you. When your crush looks at you, he sees his soul mate!

Mostly C’s: You’re Daring!

You make your crush’s head spin because you know how to surprise him and keep him guessing–which he loves! Every day with you is an adventure. You’re wild and impulsive, and he’s totally drawn to you and your upbeat energy. Whatever you’re up to next, he can’t wait to find out!

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