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1. You’re daydreaming about your Sweet 16. What kind of bash do you want to have for your big day?

  • a dance party with lots of single guys
  • a huge celebration like on My Super Sweet Sixteen. You want all eyes on you!
  • a quiet get-together with your best buds

2. What’s the first thing you usually do when you walk into a party?

  • scope out all the cute boys
  • say hi to everyone you know and introduce yourself to anyone you haven’t met before
  • find your closest buds ASAP!

3. Your school’s winter dance is coming up! You can’t wait to:

  • see all the guys dressed up.
  • shake it on the dance floor!
  • hang with all your buds and take lots of fun pictures together!

4. Your fave part of Valentine’s Day is:

  • getting gifts from guys.
  • the V-Day dance, of course!
  • celebrating with all your pals.

5. Your BFF is planning a party! You help her out by:

  • making sure that all of the cute guys in your class RSVP.
  • creating the perfect playlist of hot party tunes to liven things up!
  • baking all of her fave treats and tending to the punch bowl.

6. Your locker door is mainly covered in pictures of:

  • your celeb crushes.
  • you being silly with your buds.
  • your family.

7. It’s time for the school talent show! You:

  • sing your fave love song.
  • perform a cool dance routine that you choreographed with some pals.
  • just go and cheer on your buds.

8. TGIF! You can’t wait for the week to end so you can:

  • see what your crush is doing!
  • hit up the mall with your whole crew.
  • get some one-on-one BFF time.

Fun-loving Flirt

You know that parties are the ultimate opportunity to get your flirt on! You’re confident and a little boy-crazy, so you know how to work the room and keep your eyes peeled for new cuties at the same time!

True Showstopper

You’re always the life of the party because you love to be the center of attention. You’ve got serious dance moves and endless energy, so you’re not afraid to let loose and really get the party started!

Chill Chica

You love a good bash, but you don’t need to be wild and crazy to have fun. Hangin’ with buds is what matters to you! You’d rather sit back, relax and take in the scene with your pals. There’s always lots to talk about!

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