Sherwin Shilati is joining the Riverdale ranks. The filmmaker is directing Season 2, Episode 16 of the CW show — and obviously, we wanted to know everything. While talking about his new movie, People You May Know, we tried to get the director to spill deets on the episode, which will air after the show's mid-season hiatus in 2018, but he didn't tell us a thing. No spoilers!

"I wish I could say that I knew and I couldn't tell you, but I really don't know. They're still writing. I'm just a lowly cog in the machine," he joked. "They're still doing their thing. I'm sure I'll get a hint of what's coming up a week or two before we start shooting, so I have not heard anything."

Wow! It sounds like they're seriously keeping things under wraps. Even though Sherwin doesn't know specific plot points, he didn't hold back about his love for the show, which is set in a purposely vague era, unlike his very modern new movie.

"I love the challenge of Riverdale. I think it's cool because there are aspects that are like '50s mom and pop and there are also aspects of it that are very modern, like what I'm doing right now [with People You May Know]. I love what they do with the show in terms of keeping it open and not keeping it in a [specific] time period. I'm incredibly excited," he said.

"When you come in as a TV director, they're expecting you to come in and inject your world. You have to bring something special, but not take it completely off the rails. It's a really unique thing to come in and direct television when you're not the producer on a show and just popping in to do an episode or two and then leaving. It's a big responsibility and quite an honor. I really approach it with a lot of reverence. [When you direct a movie], you're sort of on your own, you're sort of your own island, and you can be as hard on yourself as you want to be and captain of your journey. It's a little more sink or swim."

His new film, People You May Know, is all about how to navigate a world in which social media has (almost) entirely taken over. The movie stars some of your faves, like Pretty Little Liars' Ian Harding and Paper Town's Halston Sage — and his inspiration for the project was extremely personal.

Sherwin told us, "I always had pretty strong feelings about social media. But really, it wasn't until becoming a dad, where my focus narrowed on exactly what I wanted the story to be. Just the thought of my daughter's life when she got old enough, what that would be like, the things she would be subjected to. I wanted to give her the tools she'd need to be mindful if she chose to participate in social media. It was kind of my way of having that conversation with her 15 years in advance." There's definitely some food for thought!

People You May Know is available On Digital and On Demand now.

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