Talk about a throwback! School of Rock premiered in 2003, and some of the stars have grown up to take over Hollywood.

Jack Black, who played Dewey Finn in the comedic film, can’t believe it’s been this long since the movie premiered.

“All those kids — dig this — they were 10 years old when we made that movie and now they’re all, like, 30,” he told Entertainment Tonight in April 2023. “We’re gonna get together and have a 20-year anniversary. We like to jam. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the grownups from School of Rock.”

When it happens, the actor promised to “100 percent” share photos and videos on social media.

While it’s been a few decades since the movie premiered, the cast stayed close. They even came together in May 2021 after the film’s star Kevin Clark, who played Freddy the drummer, died following a car accident. At the time, J-14 confirmed the former star’s passing after he was struck by a motorist in Chicago while riding a bike. At the time, the Chicago Sun-Times referred to Kevin as a member of the band Jess Bess and the Intentions.

“We spoke yesterday about him being on an episode of [my podcast] ‘where are we now.’ I know it would’ve been chaotic and hilarious and so full of love and hyping each other up because that’s how our friendship always has been. I’m absolutely heartbroken,” Rivkah Reyes, who played Katie, wrote in a tribute at the time, calling the late star “always supportive of me and my endeavors.”

The actor continued, “His family would often come to my comedy shows and plays, and every time Tenacious D was in town, we would go together. We would sometimes run into each other randomly in Chicago and he always gave me the biggest warmest hugs.”

Miranda Cosgrove, who played Summer in the film, also shared a heartfelt tribute at the time.

“Stunned and saddened by this news today,” the iCarly star wrote at the time. “The world lost an amazing soul. I’ll always remember your spirit and how kind you were to me. I’ll never forget all the memories. You’ll always be missed Kevin.”

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