Shane Harper has been in a bunch of your favorite shows, from Good Luck Charlie to Awkward., over the years, but he's making his directorial debut with a new short film — and it's especially personal for the actor. He co-directed a project called An Apprentice, and it actually stars his brother, Sully Harper. Shane revealed that his brother is playing an autistic character, and actually has Asperger's himself.

"The project is about an autistic adult who is trying to find their way in a workplace and be creative. My brother actually has Asperger's so bringing him in to play that character was kind of just asking him to be himself, a little bit. It was really special for me to see him on the screen…I've always been the one doing the acting and doing the singing and all that stuff," Shane revealed in a new interview with Wonderwall.

In fact, he says that a big part of the reason he wanted to direct this project was so he could communicate with his brother in the most effective manner.

"I have a lot of experience in film and TV, but not as a director. One of the reasons I wanted to direct it, or at least co-direct it, is because I wanted to be able to communicate to my brother in the way that he needed it. Because I don't know if you're familiar with autism or Asperger's, but a lot of it's about communication skills and auditory processing. So I know how to communicate to him in the way that he needs it."

According to Shane, the entire process when smoothly, and he joked that he even looks forward to seeing Sully become a big star in the next few years.

Click through the gallery to see photos of Shane and Sully. Let us know if you're excited to see their collaboration in the comments!

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