If it were up to Simon Cowell, the boy band 5 Alive would not have been through to the next round on America's Got Talent.

The guys from Miami, Florida looked, sounded, and felt like they had transported us back to the '90s with Backstreet Boy type clothing and dance moves that made us weak in the knees. They sang Bell Biv DeVoe's song "Poison" and then transitioned into Ginuwine's track, "Pony." Things were looking up for the guys as Spice Girls alum Mel B legit almost fell off her chair and could not stop dancing.

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Now that it's questionable whether or not One Direction will get back together anytime soon, fangirls everywhere need a new boy band. 5 Alive was put through to the next round of America's Got Talent and hopefully, they can prove themselves to Simon. Because, after their first performance, he was totally not having it.

He said, "Look, it was fun, but guys, honestly, for me, it was like a joke. So horrible. Old-fashioned. Terrible. I like you because you’re so bad."

Yikes. That's not good coming from the guy who literally created One Direction and Fifth Harmony. Clearly, the man has an eye for success. The other judges didn't exactly have the greatest things to say either but they voted 'yes.' 5 Alive got three 'yes' votes and one 'no' vote from Simon, of course.

Howie Mandel said, "I don’t think it’s a phenomenal act. I don’t think it’s worth a $1 million. I love the humor… You’re a whole new direction. See what I did there?" We see, Howie, we see.

Heidi Klum said, "It didn’t totally blow my mind. I have to be honest."

Mel B had other ideas, she said, "No! They can sing and they can dance and everyone’s gonna get it apart from you! I would go to your concert all day long." Now THAT'S what they came to hear!

Only time will tell whether or not the boys actually have what it takes to become stars. Thinking back to One Direction's auditions, they weren't the charmers they have now become. They were just a few regular guys who came from all different parts of the U.K. 5 Alive could be a few regular guys coming from Miami and instantly blow-up.

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