You've seen The Avengers. You adore Team Flash. You're getting ready for this November's Justice League. But you ain't never seen a superhero team like the one making up Marvel's New Warriors, which is being made by Freeform.

You probably can't sum up how different they are any more than looking at the lead character, Squirrel Girl. Yep, she has the powers of a Squirrel (wonder if that includes causing drivers to veer wildly out of control to avoid her).

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As Marvel puts it, this is their first attempt at producing a comedic live-action television series. As they note, these characters are "not quite super, not yet heroes. [It] features six young people learning to cope with their abilities in a world where bad guys can be as terrifying as bad dates."

What follows is J-14's guide to each of the characters and the actors who play them.

Squirrel Girl/Doreen Green (Milana Vayntrub)

new warriors: squirrel girl

Doreen is a totally empowered fangirl who has the incredible powers of a…squirrel. Her greatest quality is her optimism and her best friend is a pet squirrel, Tippy Toe. In the case of Milana, she was born in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic and, to escape religious persecution, moved with her family to West Hollywood when she was three.

Although she acted in some Mattel Barbie commercials when she was five, she truly started gravitating towards entertainment when she, along with Steve Nelson, started the YouTube comedy channel, Live Prude Girls. She’s appeared in a number of TV shows and film shorts, but started to really catch on as an AT&T spokesperson in a series of commercials. More recently she’s had a recurring role as author/actress Sloane Sandburg on NBC’s This is Us.

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Mister Immortal/Craig Hollis (Derek Theler)

new warriors: mister immortal

Craig can’t die…or so he says. Although Craig’s superpower seems amazing, he hasn’t made use of it at all — he figures if he has all the time in the world to learn how to do anything heroic, what’s the rush? On the other hand, considering that he only began acting in 2009, Derek Theler, has certainly gained forward momentum for his career. Best known for his starring role in the series Baby Daddy, he’s also appeared in such shows as The Hills, Cougar Town, The Middle, 90210 and the webseries Project S.E.R.A.

Night Thrasher/Dwayne Taylor (Jeremy Tardy)

new warriors: night thrasher

Brilliant and noble and maybe a bit full of himself, Dwayne is a shameless self-promoter and entrepreneur who also deeply believes in justice. Sounds like just the man to handle the group’s social media! Meanwhile, actor Jeremy Tardy has appeared on such television series as The Mindy Project and Castle. His greatest recognition has come from the Netflix TV series Dear White People, which, despite the title, is not, he says, as provocative as it sounds. It’s actually a comedy about minorities at a college.

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Speedball/Robbie Baldwin (Calum Worthy)

new warriors: speedball

Robbie is an impulsive people-pleaser with a misplaced sense of confidence who throws kinetic balls of energy that are completely out of control. A native of Canada, Calum Worthy is best known for his role as Dez on the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally, as well as a series of comedic shorts made for the network under the umbrella title The Coppertop Flop Show. He’s appeared on numerous series and in small feature film parts, and he’s had a bit of previous experience being a superhero, playing the character Lightning Lad on the TV series Smallville.

Microbe/Zack Smith (Matthew Moy)

new warriors: microbe

Zack is a shy hypochondriac whose ability is that he can talk to germs that tell him where you’ve been, what you ate and with whom you hung out with. It’s impossible to keep secrets around him. C’mon, admit it: he’s the most unique superhero you’ve ever heard of! After spending six seasons being a human punchline on 2 Broke Girls, it’s nice to see Matthew Moy come into his own here. Previously he’d appeared on numerous shows, recurring on iCarly as Shawn and on Scrubs as Trang. He also provides the voice of Lars on the animated show Steven Universe.

Debrii/Deborah Fields (Kate Comer)

new warriors: debrii

Deborah is proud, funny and quick-witted. She’s a low-level telekinetic. We’re talking really low. Low, like, “Hey, did you see me move that paper cup with my mind?” Beyond a number of guest starring roles, Kate Comer has recurred on series like The Whitest Kids U’Know, The Comeback, and The Fosters. New Warriors represents her first co-starring role.

New Warriors is expected to debut early next year.

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