Making major headlines! Stranger Things fans are in love with Eddie Munson, and we don’t blame them. But who plays the character introduced during the show’s fourth season? Keep reading for everything you need to know about actor Joseph Quinn. 

Who Is Eddie Munson on Stranger Things?

In November 2020, TVLine reported that the Hawkins, Indiana, teenager is “an audacious 80’s metalhead who runs The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s official D&D club.” The publication’s description continued, reading, “Hated by those who don’t understand him — and beloved by those who do — Eddie will find himself at the terrifying epicenter of this season’s mystery.”

Who Plays Eddie Munson?

Joseph Quinn, who fans may know from his role as Koner on Game of Thrones or Arthur Havisham in the BBC One series Dickensian, plays the show’s new beloved character. However, before nabbing his role as Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master, the actor had no idea how to play the game.

“I played my first game in L.A. when we were doing some press,” Joseph told Entertainment Weekly in May 2022. “I bought a book to try and understand what Dungeons & Dragons was about, and it didn’t agree with me. Though, I knew that wasn’t going to be my way in, as it were.”

But, he did love his character’s favorite tunes.

“I listened to a lot of heavy metal and that was my … God, it’s impossible to not sound pretentious when you say it, but, yeah, that was my way in,” Joseph told EW, noting that he’s played the guitar on and off since he was 7 years old. “I wouldn’t consider myself a brilliant guitarist, but I can play it. That was very lucky because those scripts came out, I think, at some point in the pandemic. I did start practicing pretty furiously.”

Aside from his D&D-related role, the character of Eddie has a sweet bond with Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo).

“There’s a fraternal thing there, really,” the British star gushed of their onscreen relationship. “I definitely had a couple of friends that were older than me when I was growing up, in that confusing period of 13-17. Life changes very quickly, and what you’re exposed to changes. I think having people just that little bit older than you that have been through it was always very comforting to me. I think that’s what Gaten and I tried to establish with this relationship. It was just brotherly love.”

For more about Joseph, scroll through our gallery for everything you need to know. 

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