Welp, Tanner Fox and Taylor Alesia just fooled us all – but what else is new? The internet-famous couple each took to YouTube with separate videos announcing a very big life change. Yep, that’s right. They’re becoming parents, but they totally stringed us along into thinking Taylor was pregnant. In Taylor’s video, she legit went on and on about finding out about the new addition to her family before mentioning the biggest part. It’s not a human baby they’re welcoming into their lives. Nope, it’s a dog.

“If you couldn’t tell how dramatic that was, you could probably assume that I have some big news. So I already got the gender. It’s amazing how fast they came back to me with it. We are all super happy to hear that it’s a boy. I was contemplating if I should tell Tanner his gender this early on – or if I should even tell you guys his gender this early on before he arrives,” Taylor said.

taylor alesia

“I hope I kind of gave you guys a little bit of a scare,” she added.

YUP, you sure did. Turns out, Dunkin the dog (who already has his own YouTube channel, by the way) is going to be both Taylor and Tanner’s pup – well kinda.

“It’s gonna be kind of uncomfortable because it’s gonna be like my half-son,” Tanner shared in the video he posted to his channel sharing the news. “He’ll grow up thinking that I’m his father.”

taylor alesia dog

This isn’t the first time they did something like this. Tanner and Taylor pulled a crazy prank involving a fake pregnancy a few months back – and although they seemed to think it was hilarious, Tanner’s mom would probably disagree. The couple took to YouTube on Taylor’s channel to trick Tanner’s mother into thinking they were pregnant, and the whole conversation was so intense that it’ll honestly give you a pit in your stomach every time you watch it. Before dialing up Tanner’s mother, the internet-famous pair faked a serious conversation in which Taylor sat down Tanner to break the news to him that she was carrying his baby.

tanner fox taylor alesia

Turns out, they just needed a video idea for Taylor’s YouTube channel, and this is what they came up with. Tbh, we don’t know what to believe anymore.

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