If you’re a fan of Tanner Fox, then you already know who he spent Christmas with this year – his girlfriend Taylor Alesia, of course. The YouTube star headed out of Arizona to surprise his bae at her house and spend time with Taylor and her family on Christmas. Naturally, the 18 year old documented the whole thing in vlog form and even included a portion where he and his 21-year-old girlfriend answered some “ask me anything” questions from fans. One of their answers, in particular, finally squashed all those rumors that the couple broke up just for video views.

In case you’re not familiar with what went down, it was just last week when Tanner took to YouTube to announce that he and Taylor split – but then, they literally announce that they were officially back together just a few days later and proved it with a kiss.

tanner fox

Since fans were skeptical that maybe this was all just for views, Tanner and Taylor decided to address that speculation in yesterday’s video.

“This is actually a really good question, and I think this is good for us to actually talk about because I think this was blown out of proportion – and people might have taken it the wrong way,” Tanner began. “First of all – let me say no, obviously it was not for views. I don’t know who would want to go through that.”

Taylor chimed in, saying, “I think it’s just something that comes with trying to be as real as possible with your followers and trying to keep them as updated with your life as possible. It’s something that’s just gonna come with doing that, and a lot of people do keep things off camera and relationship problems they probably keep off camera but we decided to share it with you guys because you are our family.”

It’s safe to say these two are happily in love, especially considering the fact that Taylor gave Tanner a $12,000 Supreme backpack for Christmas. Yeah, doesn’t seem like they’re breaking up again anytime soon.

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