Taylor Caniff is currently going through a rough patch in his personal life, but he's letting his fans know they're cheering him up as best they can. Taylor's beloved grandmother Shirley Caniff has sadly passed away at the age of 80. And if you watched Cameron Dallas' Netflix series Chasing Cameron, then you'll remember Taylor's sweet grandma from he went to visit her during his trip back home to Indiana. It was emotional for Taylor since he really doesn't head back home to visit often. He shared a clip of her appearance from the show on his Instagram.

"So today @kevcaniff called me to let me know. I’ve lost one of the closest people i’ve ever met. l didn’t have a mom growing up and my father worked full time. So This amazing woman raised me… took me to my baseball games/ took me fishing… everything. I’m gonna miss you deeply. l know (i’ve) made you proud. #RIP," he wrote in the caption of the video.

In the clip Taylor posted, he is seen giving his grandma a warm hug and crediting her and his grandfather for being the ones who raised him.

“Childhood was rough, parents got divorced, went through stuff. My mother went to jail and my dad was working full-time so I lived with my grandparents,” he said. And if you remember later in the episode, Taylor’s grandmother poked a little fun at him while he’s talking about how he’s flown around the world a few times already, joking that she forgot who he was for a second since she hadn’t seen him in a while.

“Where you from honey? Oh, I forgot who I was talking to. I’m not used to seeing him around here!” she joked. OK, now she was a total scene-stealer! It’s obvious Taylor’s grandmother meant so much to him and she always will.

While he's understandably going through this tough time, he has also let it be known he appreciates how his fans are trying to make him better by reminding him of happier times in his life. He shared a throwback photo of himself, along with Cameron and Shawn Mendes from the super early MagCon days a fan had tagged him in.

"On my way to see my family and seen this in my tag photos and made my mood so much better… shawn wasn’t with the tool pic vibe hahaha. Throwback when life was so much simpler.," he wrote in the caption.

If anything, it's a comfort for Taylor knowing so many people out there care about him and are hoping he's doing okay during this heartbreaking time. We're sending Taylor and his family all the love and support right now.

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