The Hunger Games star Willow Shields had a rough Thursday afternoon to say the least.

As many fans know she's an avid user of social media especially Snapchat showing the world everything from her totally chic outfits to her work out routine to the severe burns on her foot. Wait…what?

Yes, you read that right. Willow shared a photo of her right foot with burns and what looks like some ointment to help the healing process. She wrote, "Good job willow. #burntfoot seriously tho I burnt my foot like an idiot."

willow shields foot

Yikes! While she didn't give any indication as to how this actually happened, it looks super painful. Our best guess is that she may have dropped a hot curling iron or hair straightener on it! Fingers crossed that she heals up soon – this definitely can't get in the way of Halloween!

An important thing to note: If Willow is okay to Snapchat and make fun of herself while doing it then she probably is going to be just fine.

What do you think went down? Let us know in the comments below!

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