She’s going home! Addison Rae is headed back to Louisiana for her upcoming Snapchat show.

Titled Addison Rae Goes Home, the series is set to follow the Internet personality as she returns back to her hometown after moving to Hollywood and becoming a major star. Addison’s rise to fame came after she blew up on the TikTok app in late-2019. Since then, she’s kicked off her career as an actress, singer and entrepreneur.

Before moving to California from her native Louisiana, Addison was studying journalism at Louisiana State University.

“A lot of people do say that I dropped out of school for TikTok, and I don’t think I dropped out of school for TikTok. It was because I knew that this was a career path that I’ve always wanted to pursue, kind of, in the entertainment industry,” she shared while talking with J-14 exclusively in June 2020. “People are confused [by] that and they think I dropped out because of the app, but it was really to focus on pursuing my career in the entertainment industry and moving out here to, obviously, get more connections and just more involved in everything that I was doing already. So, I think that’s kind of a misconception.”

Since becoming a household name, the He’s All That actress has gotten real about her whirlwind rise to fame.

“I feel like L.A. was just so much faster than what I was used to in Louisiana. Like in every aspect, everyday life is faster. So, it feels like it happened pretty quick,” Addison shared on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast in September 2021. “It just like things started picking up. I mean, I was super dedicated to making sure I was on top of everything and making things happen. I mean, my family moved out there. I was like, ‘I gotta make it happen now,’ you know? So, yeah, it’s sort of happening really fast. Then, I went to the All-Star game in March of last year, and then that’s whenever things really just started to pick up. Over quarantine too. I think that’s whenever social media really exploded, and it was really fast.”

Aside from her acting and singing projects, Addison has also made headlines for her relationships since stepping into the spotlight. That being said, she’s learned to navigate stardom like a champ.

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