Disney Channel’s Sonny With a Chance star Tiffany Thornton took to Instagram to announce that she suffered a miscarriage – losing her unborn baby just five weeks into her pregnancy. She posted an emotional message about her situation and the whole thing is incredibly heartbreaking. The actress got remarried earlier this year to her family friend and worship pastor, Josiah Capaci. This would have been her first child with Josiah; however, Tiffany does have two sons with her late husband Chris Carney. He was killed in 2015 in a car crash. While she has definitely had some highs and lows over the past couple of years, Tiffany doesn’t want her fans to feel sorry for her. She is leaning on her faith and the power of God to get her through this tough time.

Watch the video below and check out everything Tiffany said about her experience of losing an unborn baby.

One thing is for sure – it takes a lot of courage to open up the way Tiffany did. She didn’t have to share this news and she didn’t have to share her story. But, by doing so, she is hoping that others can reveal their truths too. As terrible as this entire thing is, it’s refreshing to read her words. And we have a feeling that even though she might be upset right now, her time to have another baby will come again.

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