We were all pretty shook when Drew Seeley announced that he had welcomed his first child with his wife, Amy Paffrath. We mean, the actor was a huge part of our childhood, so the fact that he’s all grown up and officially a father is making us pretty emotional, TBH.

And it turns out, he’s not the only OG Nickelodeon or Disney Channel star to have a kid. Take Daniella Monet, for example. She revealed that she was expecting her first baby back in April, and it’s honestly pretty hard to grasp that another one of our favorite childhood stars is about to become a parent.

What about Hilary Duff? The Lizzie McGuire actress already has two kids, and boy, does that make us feel old. Honestly, you guys, you’re not going to believe how many of our favorite childhood stars have welcomed kids over the years. Seriously, prepare to be shook. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the other celebrities who you’ll be shocked to discover are parents. 

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