It’s important to embrace every part of your body, including your scars. Scars usually come from an injury, so what makes them special is that there’s often an interesting or funny story behind them, right? Not to mention, it’s your differences that make you truly unique. Well, turns out almost everyone has one somewhere on their body, including some of your favorite celebs. In fact, some even have them on their faces!

Take Shawn Mendes, for example. The “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back” crooner was just spotted with a major scratch on his cheek, and quickly, fans started to wonder how the heck he got it and if he was OK!

Shawn Mendes Cut Cheek

The heartthrob explained during a Q&A before his concert on Sunday, March 31, 2019, that a fan actually gave him the cut. Ouch!

“Well when I’m finishing the show I go down to the front row of the crowd and someone scratched my cheek in Italy,” he said.

Aww, we’re so glad he’s OK. Although we’re not 100 percent sure what went down, we can safely assume it was an accident. And after hearing the singer’s story, we decided to look into this and, well, he’s not the only guy celeb who has a rather dramatic story as to how he got a scar on his face. A ton more of your fave — and very swooth-worthy — stars also have scars on their faces, and the tales behind how they got these permanent marks are all super intriguing.

Scroll through our gallery to find out how more of your fave guys got scars on their faces!

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