Charlie Puth's song "See You Again" (with Wiz Khalifa) came out in 2015, along with the premiere of Furious 7. The seventh movie in the Fast and the Furious franchise came out just after the untimely death of Paul Walker, one of the main stars. Fans, cast, and crew were all devastated. Charlie's hopeful song helped millions of people mourn a beloved actor.

What many people don't know is that "See You Again" has a deeply special meaning to Charlie outside of Fast and the Furious. The pop singer revealed to Dan Wootton in the Bizarre Life podcast that the inspiration for the song came from a piece of his past.

"My friend, who got me through a lot of hard times, suddenly passes away and it's a really, really sad moment for me," Charlie confessed. "I've never lost anybody like that…"

Before his motorcycling accident, that friend would always tell Charlie, "By the way, you're going to write a huge song one day." Charlie never believed him. The singer just thought he would end up writing songs for "Justin Bieber and real superstars." But his friend never let him give up. In fact, he accurately predicted that Charlie's big song would be for a movie and that he'd sing on it.

So in 2014 while Charlie was writing a song for Paul Walker, who similarly died in an automobile accident, he couldn't help but think of his friend. That's when it clicked.

"Wait a second, this song is gonna go in the movie…just like he said!" Charlie said.

Turns out Charlie Puth's old friend was a little psychic? His loss was heartbreaking for Charlie, but now he has a guardian angel looking after him and his music. He and his songwriter friend Justin Franks, who goes by DJ Frank E, ended up writing "See You Again" in about 15 minutes. Charlie and Justin hardly knew each other, but they bonded over having lost friends in motorcycle accidents. Now, they're best friends.

"See You Again" currently has over a three billion views on Youtube. The emotional song clearly struck cords with people all over the world. Not only does it honor Paul Walker, but it has the spirit of two other lost loved ones. That's one special song.

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