Charlie Puth left everyone rather shook when he took to Twitter to draw major attention to his brief, let's call it fling with Bella Thorne. We all remember the pics of the pair being all flirty at the beach and walking the red carpet together and the drama that ensued from there.

Charlie took to Twitter to vent his feelings and apologize to Tyler Posey. See, Ty was Bella's ex-boyfriend but it appears Charlie had seen an interview Tyler did pre-breakup that made it seem like the Teen Wolf star and Bella were still together and that she lied to Charlie about her relationship status. It was really just one big misunderstanding since Bella explained that no, she didn't cheat on Tyler since she and Tyler had already split by the time she had her weekend hangout with Charlie and in her eyes, she was never dating Charlie. I know, a rather complicated mess this whole situation was. And it seemed like maybe the singer had maybe just maybe shared his side of the event when he dropped his single "Attention."

The rather scathing lyrics set to one catchy AF beat are all about a girl who doesn't want Charlie's heart but instead just used him for attention. Ouch. That's rough, but it's Charlie's truth. So when he appears on The Zach Sang Show, Zach grilled Charlie on who this song and his latest tune "How Long" are about, since Charlie admitted they are connected with each other. He played rather coy and gave us the best facial expression ever:

charlie puth

And added, "Things need to be somewhat mysterious in music nowadays, right?" Hmm, okay so no dirt on who these songs are about, but Zach brought up the point that with the whole turning Twitter into his personal journal, he let everyone in on the Bella drama and took his private relationship public.

"Are we talking about that? No, no no, next thing," he said totally dismissing it all.

charlie puth bella thorne question

OK moving on then. He did say that his music this time around is even more personal than it's ever been before since he's gone through different relationships that have all left a mark on him and he's learned a lot from. His big takeaway is that he truly values his private life since this is something he's virtually lost now.

"I'm not really good with words and I'm not really at expressing emotion, multiple girls have told me so it's really good to like just pour my heart out into this music and just let everybody find out," Charlie explained. "I've made it a pact to myself and told myself I was just going to be private from now on and the relationships that I wanted to be private actually ended up being public not because I wanted them to be but because people like had ulterior motives and didn't actually want to date me but just wanted to get a quick boost of TMZ. Privacy is everything. There [are] so many people that want to be famous and they don't realize once you're at that level, you can't just go to the Grove and see a movie with somebody who is your friend and people might take pictures and it's all up on the news. It makes you feel weird. I love my privacy and it just makes me sad that everywhere I go nowadays, I literally can't go anywhere. I don't leave my house."

Woah, it's crazy to think how a person's life really can change once they become a public figure, gaining fame for their music and then in turn, who they're dating despite the fact that the artist on hand would really just have us all focus on the music. So no, Charlie's most likely never going to get personal with the world ever again. He'll just let the music do all the talking and leave it to us to dissect every lyric and try to connect the dots. It's more fun that way anyway, right?

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