During their Shake It Up days, Bella Thorne and Zendaya also had their own Disney Channel Original Movie. Titled Frenemies, the flick premiered in January 2012 and was based on a book of the same name by author Alexa Young.

Frenemies followed three different BFF pairs who all go to the same school and had stories that intertwined. Bella and Zendaya played Avalon Greene and Halley Brandon, respectfully, who run an online fashion blog called GeeklyChic. After their site blows up, the teens get the opportunity to sell their blog to a fashion publishing company — but with a catch. Avalon and Halley are forced to decide which one of them will stay on GeeklyChic as the editor, which causes a rift between them. But when the friends ultimately work together and break a major story, they set aside their differences and continue to run the website together.

Throughout their time on Disney Channel, Bella and Zendaya played best friends on screen in various projects, but they were also close when the cameras stopped rolling.

“This is Bella and I, back in the Shake It Up days,” the Euphoria actress recalled while looking at a throwback picture during a British Vogue interview from September 2021. “I’m not sure where we are or what we were doing, probably on set shooting. We were so young. We were growing up together. We were like 13, 14, in this picture. We went to school together, and it was really only us in the classroom. You know what I mean? We would have hour-long digressions and just talk. There was one time she came over my house and we made cupcakes. It was little things like that that were special.”


The second story Frenemies told was about Jake (played by Nick Robinson) and his dog, Murray. When Jake starts to get close to a girl named Julianne (played by Stefanie Scott), Murray gets jealous and destroys one of the teen’s most prized possessions. After Jake yells at his pup, the dog runs away only to be found by his classmate Savannah (played by Mary Mouser). Ultimately, Jake realizes that Julianne is only using him to get a good grade on her science project. He eventually locates Murray with Savannah’s help.

As it turned out, the third and final story was about all about Savannah who meets her identical alter ego Emma (also played by Mary Mouser). The two decide to switch places to experience each other’s lives. Former rich girl Emma is now living her life as skateboarder Savannah. After fighting about who has the better life, the girls end up switching places once again returning things to normal.

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