Selena Gomez and The Weeknd might be in a serious relationship, but it’s safe to say that Charlie Puth has officially caught her attention.

Selena and Charlie have been friends for awhile. At one point they got so close that there were rumors flying that these two were romantically linked as well. On top of all of that, they teamed up and produced an incredible duet together, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Clearly, she’s always been a fan of his music, his voice, and his company. The fact that she worked with him makes it seem like she thinks he’s really freaking talented – which he is, obvi.

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Now she’s back at it, proving once and for all that she loves his music. The “Hands to Myself” singer was caught on social media over the weekend goofing around. She put up a series of Instagram stories that showed her listening to her own music and Charlie’s track “Attention” as well!

Selena and her friends tried balancing peacock feathers on their noses – yeah, we’re not totally sure why that was happening – and “Attention” was playing in the background. The video is a bit bizarre, but Charlie is definitely on some kind of playlist that Selena listens to and it’s so cute.

Friends supporting friends is really what we love to see in the music community.

Over the past few days, Selena has been seen hanging out in New York City and strolling through a bustling Times Square. It’s being reported that the singer was getting ready for church with friends when she was listening to Charlie’s track. While the pair hasn’t been seen together in awhile, it’s obvious that they still have a mutual love and respect for each other.

We can only hope that they reunite in the future. Remember when they were caught on social media together in the backseat of a car dancing and singing along to their song? The world really, really needs more of that.

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