Liam Payne and Charlie Puth's friendship has already been a gift to us. Not only have they already given us adorable BFF moments, but Liam promised us a song they worked on together and we've already heard it. That's right. You know Payno's most recent jam "Bedroom Floor?" That's the song!

As it turns out, Charlie was one of the key writers of the song and he even sings on it. When the singer stopped by BBC Radio 1, he was asked if he's friend with Liam, which led him to talking about their collab that resulted in "Bedroom Floor."

"I'm on it. Did you know I'm singing on it as well as doing the sound effects?" Charlie said before he straight up made the phone ringing sound. "I'm not featured on it, I just wrote. I wrote Liam's song and he's a good friend of mine. He climbed my roof just the other night in LA. He's a bit of a weirdo but so am I," Charlie said. Check it out:

Can we just appreciate how Charlie had to play the piano and sing his answers to these questions? A true skill right there. Also, Liam and Charlie are two adorable weirdos in a pod which just warms our heart. Charlie did let us all know on Twitter actually that it is indeed him who makes the phone ringing sound on the song.

What a pro. So in case you were wondering, this song clearly isn't about Liam's personal life or his relationship with his love Cheryl, despite that this song is both Liam and Cheryl's fave on the album. He even knows who Charlie's buzzed-about tune "Attention" is about too.

"It's about a relationship Charlie must've been in where they kept saying it was over but they always [came back]. I know exactly who [Attention] is about. When I go to Charlie's house, Charlie fills me in. Me and Charlie get on really well and I feel like he always wants to chat to me about stuff. Maybe I'm a bit of a life coach, got a bit of wisdom for him. I can't reveal his secrets!" Liam said.

Aww, Liam is truly loyal AF and these guys have already created such a good song together, we can only imagine what's next for them. More jams actually is what we need.

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