Debby Ryan is always open with her fans on social media, often taking to her Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr page to share different aspects of her life with her millions of followers. She gets real and isn't afraid to shy away from posting about personal moments and milestones, including when she gets hurt. And yes, she doesn't try to hide her injuries from pics because she's all about living that ~authentic~ life after all.

Deb's latest health update comes courtesy of a glam nail art pic. The actress had her nails done by the legendary nail artist, Steph Stone and the Jessie star took to her Instagram story to show off the intricate rainbow design. In the photo though, you can see that Debby has stitches on her hand right under her thumb, which she acknowledged of course.

debby ryan stitches

So first thought fans obviously had was, 'ouch, that looks painful!' Second thought everyone immediately had after was, 'what exactly happened to Debby?!' A fan asked her flat out on Twitter and Deb let the world know she had to be stitched up after a soup-making incident went awry.

You do need to be careful with a bread bowl. They're already not as sturdy as an actual bowl and you know, they can get soggy as the soup chills in them so danger all around. This isn't the first time Debby has shared details about a rather intense accident she's had. Back in August of 2016, she shared pics of her foot in a boot and a close up of a black eye she had as a result of slipping and falling.

Safe to say the starlet is a tad bit on the accident prone side but hey, she takes it all like a champ and powers through. Salute you, Debby.

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