LOL! Fans are convinced that Debby Ryan and Chase Stokes — and they’re weighing in on the ongoing rumors. Keep reading for everything we know. 

Why Do Fans Think Debby Ryan and Chase Stokes Are the Same Person?

In May 2020, a TikTok video went viral in which a social media user claimed the Outer Banks star and former Disney Channel actress had “the same eyebrows and face shape.” From that point on, fans of both stars were convinced that they were either the same person or somehow related.

“Debby Ryan and Chase Stokes are literally the same person,” one Twitter user wrote in April 2022. “Like, they look so similar it’s almost scary. I don’t care what you say, for me, they are siblings. Argue with the wall.”

Another added, “Someone said Chase Stokes looks like Debby Ryan and now I can’t unsee it.” 

A third user appeared to joke that fans have never “seen Debby Ryan & Chase Stokes in the same room,” further fueling the conspiracy. 

Wait What? Why Fans Think Debby Ryan and Chase Stokes Are the Same Person
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What Did Chase Stokes Say About the Comparison?

The Netflix star was first to address the rumors. “Thank you crazy people for putting me and Debby in contact,” Chase told fans during an Instagram Live in May 2020. “Now, Debby is the homie, and Debby and I chit-chat.”

He joked, “The internet is a weird place and I appreciate how weird it is because I’m weird.”

What Did Debby Ryan Say About the Comparison?

Sorry to disappoint, but the Jessie alum has shut down rumors assuring fans that she and Chase have been in the same room “at least one time.”

“I went to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse in Universal City with some of my family members,” Debby told E! News in August 2022. “And years later Chase Stokes told me that he was our server and that we interacted.”

Before he rose to fame following the April 2020 premiere of Outer Banks, Chase worked as a waiter, bartender and social media manager. “I was just trying to pay rent at the time,” he revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in July 2021. Even though Debby and Chase have definitely shared a room together, there’s no doubt that fans are going to continue with their hopes that these two get cast as brother and sister in the future.

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