Fans were first introduced to the Ross kids when Jessie premiered on Disney Channel in September 2011. Starring Debby Ryan, Cameron Boyce, Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson, among others, the show followed the story of a Texas native who moves to New York City in order to be a nanny for a wealthy family. After four seasons, the show came to an end in October 2015.

“Being on the set of Jessie on the last day with a cast I practically grew up with — and hearing ‘that’s a wrap’ for the last time — was an emotional moment,” Peyton recalled during a February 2015 interview with Teen Vogue. “I’m excited to return to the set with some of my old castmates. There will be new experiences ahead, new characters to join our circle, and old friends to continue to see every day. I can’t wait to see how Emma evolves in the new spinoff.”

During a separate interview, Peyton’s costar Karan shared similar sentiments about the show coming to an end.

“We were really sad about it, the whole cast in general. It wasn’t just me. Like we told each other we’re not going to cry,” he recalled while speaking with Newsday in February 2016. “Of course when they called, ‘Cut’ and ‘It’s a wrap,’ we all burst out crying. It was sad because we were closing a chapter to our lives that was really important to us but at the same time it was exciting because we were moving on to BUNK’D.

Of course, following its success, Jessie launched the Disney Channel spinoff, titled BUNK’D. But before the Ross kids took a trip to Camp Kikiwaka, they were visited by tons of special guest stars in NYC throughout the years that Jessie was on the air.

This may be hard to believe, but before they were famous, a bunch of celebrities actually guest starred on Jessie throughout its four seasons on the air. Noah Centineo, Maia Mitchell, Spencer Boldman, Garrett Clayton, Francesca Capaldi, G Hannelius, Katherine McNamara, Jillian Rose Reed, Jack Griffo, Sierra McCormick, Stefanie Scott and Matt Shively all made appearances on the show! Wow, who knew? Now, fans know these stars from all their fan-favorite roles, but can you believe that they were Disney Channel stars first?!

Click through our gallery to uncover all the celebs you forgot guest starred on Jessie and who they played.

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