This may be hard to believe, but Tuesday, September 15 is Matt Shively‘s 30th birthday! He was only 18 when he starred in True Jackson, VP, which means it has been almost 12 years since the Nickelodeon show first premiered. Yep, the hilarious series aired its first episode on November 8, 2008, and fans are pretty shook over how fast time has flown by.

The fan-favorite series, which came to an end on August 20, 2011, and also starred Ashley Argota, Robbie Amell, Keke Palmerand more, lasted for a total of three seasons before it concluded. It followed the story of True Jackson, an aspiring stylist who got hired by a huge fashion mogul named Max Madigan.

But what have the cast members been up to since the show ended? Well, some of the stars continued to act and went on to land a ton of major roles, while others disappeared from Hollywood altogether and started families of their own! But either way, they’ve all certainly grown a lot over the years.

See for yourself! Scroll through the gallery to find out what the cast of True Jackson, VP is up to these days.

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