Jessie is a Disney Channel classic, and fans are still heartbroken that it's over! The show ended on October 16, 2015 after four seasons, and Debby Ryan explained the real reason the network stopped making the series, despite the huge fanbase. Basically, it was just time.

Why did Jessie end?

When a Twitter user asked why the show got canceled, the actress explained, "We did four seasons, the most any Disney show did. Hit a hundred episodes and it ran its course."

In case you weren't already in awe of Debby, she didn't just star in Jessie. She also worked with producer Pamela Eells O'Connell to create the show when she was only 17 years old. This was the first time in Disney Channel history that this ever happened for a new series. And it seems like she was ready for new beginnings!

While gearing up for the fourth and last season, she told Teen Vogue, "When Jessie wraps, I'm going to make being an actual human — a daughter, a sister, a friend — my job. I love to work, but I'm going to keep a little time for me."

When did Jessie start?

The show premiered on September 30, 2011 with the pilot episode "New York, New Nanny." That means it's been six years since the show premiered! We've literally watched Karan Brar, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, and Skai Jackson grow up on the show.

How many episodes are there in Jessie?

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Disney Channel shows do not air for longer than four seasons. And so, even though Jessie was an extremely successful series, Disney only produced four seasons and 101 episodes. While that seems like a long time, Jessie actually wasn't the longest-running show on the network. (That honor goes to Wizards of Waverly Place with 106 episodes.) If you're feeling nostalgic, you can watch the entire series on Amazon.

What happened in the last episode of Jessie?

The finale brought our girl Jessie to Hollywood (and was called "Jessie Goes to Hollywood"). It centered around the Ross kids' mom, Christina, casting Jessie in her new Tournament of Scepters movie in Los Angeles. Unbeknowst to Jessie, Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri follow her there. Shenanigans ensue when the kids get stuck atop the Hollywood sign — and their nanny comes to rescue them, of course. ICYMI, it was super emosh.

Even though we weren't ready to watch the series end, it sounds like the cast was ready to move on to new adventures. Thank goodness for the show's spinoff, BUNK'D though! We're still able to keep up with the Ross kids in some capacity, now three seasons later.

Does Debby miss Jessie?

Well like anything else, all good things must come to an end, but that doesn't mean the actress doesn't miss her time as the ficitonal nanny alongside her co-stars. While Debby isn't on the BUNK'D spinoff show, she's a big fan of it. After the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards, the actress tweeted that she was sitting near her co-stars from Jessie, who are now "all grown up and killing their own show."

Adorbs! She's really like a proud parent. Sniff, sniff. She has since posted a series of throwback pics on her Instagram account letting everyone know, "I miss my red hair but I don’t miss red pillowcases and psycho shower water," as she wrote in the caption of the pic. And as we all know, she would always dye her hair red when she was transforming back into playing Jessie. So we're going to go ahead and take this as a sign that yes, she does miss this time in her life, along with the hair. That color has become iconic for her, really.

On the sixth anniversary of Jessie's premiere, Debby penned an emotional series of tweets that speaks to the impact that the show had on her life. She worked hard for her "dream job" and has been able to see her younger co-stars grow up and evolve.

"I got to pitch, produce and cast my dream job right outta high school with special folks. The kids were such smol nuggets and each so captivating. Such an adventure and a ride and now they're all grown and killing it and I'm ?✨. Our writers, costume, set dec, FX, stunt team, hair/makeup, props, scriptie and every other department created a wonderland of playtime. We shot over 100 episodes across 4 seasons as Disney's first straight-to-series pickup. I became their youngest female director and producer," she wrote. "We got to open our conversation from adoption to blended families to military families, caretakers, wild pets; Love can look like anything. So if you ever watched, rewatched, quoted, laughed at, learned from, insidejoked with, stayed up for or loved Jessie, thank you. You're why." Hand us the tissues, seriously!

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This post was originally published on January 13, 2017, and has since been updated.

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