Here comes the bride! Some of your favorite movie and TV characters have gotten married onscreen over the years, and walked down the aisle in seriously stunning wedding gowns.

Debby Ryan, for one, got married in the first-ever Disney Channel wedding when her character, Jessie, tied the knot with Brooks (Pierson Fode) in the Jessie wedding episode. Titled “There Goes the Bride,” the installment first aired in October 2014.

“It’s probably the biggest episode of television I’ve ever done!” the actress teased to E! News at the time, telling the publication that it was a “passion” project for her to help design the wedding dress.

“It’s very age appropriate,” she said of the gown. “It’s modest, it’s sweet, it’s romantic and it’s traditional. Working with the costume designer on this wedding dress has been a passion of mine.”

“Jessie is an adult, and we felt we could tackle this in a way that still feels appropriate for our audience,” former Disney Channel Vice President, Adam Bonnett, shared in a statement. “The way we deal with this romance is very pure Disney fairy tale.”

While Hilary Duff didn’t actually get married on screen, her A Cinderella Story character, Sam, wore a wedding dress to the ball in the 2004 movie.

“Cinderella did NOT wear a wedding dress,” the “Come Clean” singer joked while reflecting on the iconic film during an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K. in October 2020. “That was fully a wedding dress. Where did she get that thing?!”

Further discussion the movie, Hilary reacted to viewers who wondered how Chad Michael Murray‘s character, Austin, never figured out it was her under the mask.

“That is so funny,” she said. “Maybe he got hit in the head too many times during football?”

As for the actual story behind the white ballgown? Costume designer Denise Wingate weighed in while speaking with Interview Magazine in April 2018.

“When we were first trying to figure out Sam’s dress for the ball, I was harkening back to the original Cinderella, using all of those colored layers with this iridescent blue fabrics like you’ve probably seen in the Disney cartoon, and it just didn’t work out,” she recalled. “I wanted it to be this colorful thing but after we camera tested it, it ended up looking like a mish-mash. So we went for something more classic, almost like a wedding dress, and just this beautiful vision of white.”

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