Remember the good old days, when Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson were the best of friends? They were inseparable when they worked together on Jessie and we just couldn't get enough of their adorable behind-the-scenes moments. Unfortunately, their friendship doesn't seem the same today.

It all started back in 2015, when rumors began that Skai accused Debby of pushing and bullying her around on the set of their show. Though one fan claimed to have screenshots of this, no actual proof of it surfaced. However, based on the reactions we've seen from Skai (like the fact that she suddenly unfollwed Debby on Twitter), it appears the rumor could be true.

When Debby was asked about it on Tumblr, she fired back with a pretty lengthy response and seemingly threw major shade at her former co-star.

"I won’t speak on specific people, because it’s unprofessional to slander coworkers online, but if I had one wish for every child that’s an actor– especially those that tend to be the mouthpiece for parental maliciousness– I’d wish for complete contentment, emotional security, and that they’d somehow find the joy in telling stories. Living the dream is not a job. It’s an attitude," the actress said.

Talk about intense! But of course, things didn't stop there. And as of now, it looks like the two may not be in contact with each other.

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Check out our gallery to get a detailed breakdown of what really happened between Skai Jackson and Debby Ryan.

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