Although it appeared that Debby Ryan and Skai Jackson were the best of friends when they worked on Jessie together, that unfortunately wasn’t the case. Yep, they may have seemed like they were inseparable on the screen, but when cameras stopped rolling, the costars actually got into a major feud behind the scenes!

It all started back in 2015, when rumors started to circulate that Skai had accused Debby of bullying her via her private Twitter. After that, things turned super messy. Debby fired back with a lengthy note, in which she called the former Disney star “insecure” and “unprofessional.” And that then led to Skai throwing some more shade towards Debby online. Yeah, they definitely had their fair share of drama!

But wait, where do they stand now, you ask? Have they made up? What cause the feud in the first place? What exactly did they say about each other? And did Debby really bully Skai on set? Not to worry, people, because we’ve got you covered. We went ahead and recapped their entire feud from start to finish, and boy, was it intense. Strap in, you guys, because it’s been a wild ride!

Scroll through our gallery for a detailed breakdown of what really happened between Skai and Debby.

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