When it comes to all-time favorite Disney Channel shows. Jessie is at the top of our list. The fan-fave series ran from September 30, 2011 all the way until October 16, 2015, and it truly left its mark on tons and tons of fans. Debby Ryan, Peyton List, Cameron Boyce, Skai Jackson and Karan Brar each played their part in creating one of the most lovable casts in Disney Channel history, and the characters they played will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

Jessie, Emma, Luke, Zuri and Ravi all have super different personalities, yet it just works between them. Okay, okay – so they didn't get along a lot of the time, but you know what we mean. They all came from separate backgrounds, yet they made the perfect fam. Whether you're passionate, flirty or totally sassy – everyone has a Jessie personality match. So which one are you? Find out which character you identify with most by exploring the descriptions below.

If you're passionate, you're like Jessie.

jessie personality quiz

As someone who packed up and moved to New York City in hopes of becoming a star, Jessie is super passionate about pursuing her dreams. Just like Jessie, you are very spirited and enthusiastic about your interests too. But the best and most important quality you share is your love of helping others.

If you're stylish, you're like Emma.

jessie cast emma

You and Emma are both total fashionistas with the girly attitude to go along with it. One may call you a diva at times, but that doesn't bother you one bit. Everyone knows you have a killer closet, but the way you carry yourself as a whole proves you have a heart of gold.

If you're a flirt, you're like Luke.

luke jessie quiz

Luke is a total "ladies man," and you can be pretty flirty yourself. Given the fact that you're always cracking jokes and getting yourself into mischief, both you and Luke are definitely carefree individuals – yet you share the ability to seriously charm the pants off people.

If you're sassy, you're like Zuri.

zuri personality quiz

Zuri is known for having those punchy one-liners and serving up all the sass, which is why you two are one in the same. She's always got her creative juices flowing, whether she's hangin' with her imaginary friends or talking to her stuffed bear. Just like her, you are quick-witted and a total visionary.

If you're intelligent, you're like Ravi.

ravi personality quiz

Just like Ravi, you are known for your smarts and your super polite nature. There isn't a person you've met who doesn't automatically take a liking to you. Not only are you are always looking to learn, but you always treat others with the utmost respect. You and Ravi are truly well-rounded.

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