Debby Ryan is forever beloved for her roles on two Disney Channel series, The Suite Life On Deck and Jessie. Both shows were total hits and solidified her place as a DC queen, at least in our hearts. Since Debby was on the network starting at 15 years old and now is 25, she spent a lot of her young acting years firmly planted in the Disney universe. But now she’s ready for everyone to see her in a new light with her leading role as Patty in the new dark comedy Netflix series, Insatiable, admitting the unique project just called her back to TV after she wanted to step away from being on a series.

Insatiable came about as a script that made me feel seen and heard and made me laugh but also felt very much congruent with the stories I wanted to be making,” Debby explained. “It’s such a lightning in a bottle. I was such a, I’m not going to do TV for a while. I don’t want to be on a series for a while. I’m gonna go project by project and everyone who read it as like you have to read this. It’s TV, but this is what you’ve been wanting to do, but all of it in one place. And I read it and I was like, I need Patty.”

Deb once opened up about her time being a fixture on Disney and how although she’s forever grateful for everything she did there, it wasn’t the easiest making the transition away from the place she called home for so many years. It’s easy to see why she needed a break after working on two television shows for so many years.

“That was my high school and college. When it ended and we had done over 100 episodes of both shows, it was kind of like ‘I already feel like I’ve done a lot of the things there are to do there, and there’s so many different things in the industry. Where do I even begin?'” she said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

She simply didn’t know what to do next and the actress admitted that getting considered for roles was a challenge since some people didn’t even want to bother to see beyond her Disney Channel persona. This obviously made it that much harder for her to move on after Jessie came to an end in 2015. She just had to work that much harder to get her foot in the door when it came to going on auditions.

“The best part in the years since we ended [Jessie] has been being able to walk through a couple doors that have been open, and then bang down some that were closed because people saw me with mouse ears. I got a real fresh start. Being a big deal in one specific world still does give you a bit of anonymity throughout the rest of the industry,” she explained.

Crazy to think that being on Disney Channel wouldn’t make getting new roles easier and if anything, made things a bit tougher. Well, Debby has conquered that and then some, and she’s ready for everyone to see her in action on her new series, although she is forever grateful for her DC days. When filming was underway for Insatiable in 2017, she had taken to Twitter to commemorate the anniversary of when the series first premiered. She’ll always have a special place in her heart for the show.

And she even joked with fans that if they don’t love her new show like they did with Jessie, she’s do something else.

She understands that every TV show she works on is something different and special and she feels like Insatiable is going to join the ranks of projects she forever holds near and dear.

We’re ready for this new era, Deb.

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