Ashley Tisdale has made more dreams come true with her latest Music Sessions video. This time, she called upon the one and only Debby Ryan to sing with her and along with Ash's husband Chris French on the guitar, they sang a super cool version of the iconic Destiny's Child song, "Say My Name." Ashley has given us plenty of amazing guests on her YouTube channel so far, with Vanessa Hudgens and Lucas Grabeel making all of our High School Musical dreams come true. But now she called upon a member of her Suite Life fam and it was magical.

debby ryan and ashley tisdale

But we're here to call Ash out for a second. See in the video before the girls start gracing us all with their incredible vocal skills, Ashley naturally gushes over her "girl crush" Debby and how close the two are IRL. But she then drops the news that this is the first time these two Disney Channel queens are working together.

"We've never even sang together, haven't worked together, so we've just been actual friends, you guys," Ashley says.

Now their friendship is mega-adorable and they really are super close. Remember when Ashley went to Debby's 24th birthday party and snapped some selfies with Cole Sprouse?

ashley tisdale and cole sprouse reunion instagram

Cole and Ashley were co-stars on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Cole and Debby were co-stars on The Suite Life on Deck, but Ashley reprised her role as Maddie for one episode of The Suite Life On Deck and she indeed climbed aboard the S.S. Tipton.

ashley tisdale suite life on deck

So technically, although it was only for one episode, the girls did work together. But we forgive Ashley, since she was just so excited to have Debby sing with her. Perhaps this one detail just happened to slip her mind. Enjoy the song:

Truly lovely, isn't it? As is this friendship. We're just making sure you have all the facts about them though, that's all.

debby ryan and ashley tisdale hug

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