After all these years, Ashley Tisdale is defending her character in High School Musical, Sharpay Evans.

Sharpay was always thought to be the villain in the HSM movies and was portrayed to be the protagonist Gabriella Montez's competition. Most people viewed Ashley's character as being a self-centered drama queen who was out to get the sweet and kind Gabriella, but one fan completely —and the actress who played the role of Sharpay totally agrees.

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It all started when a fan with a Twitter account appropriately named "@SHARPAYSAVICTIM" started a thread explaining why Sharpay was the real victim in HSM.

The fan then went into detail about how Sharpay and her twin brother Ryan were shortchanged by Troy and Gabriella, when they were chosen as the lead actors in the play even though the siblings had all the training and play experience necessary to be the stars of the show.

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The fan believed a lot of the blame was on the theater teacher Ms. Darbus, who instead of giving the roles to the most qualified students, she gave them to the ones who would sell tickets and fill seats since Troy was a popular athlete which made theater "cool" and "acceptable" among all the other students.

The fan even mentioned that Sharpay congratulated Gabriella and wished her luck by saying "break a leg" even though she was thought to be an evil person. Ashley, who brought the character to life in the Disney Channel movies, actually thinks Sharpay's troubles began long before Troy and Gabriella, and it was all because of her name. LOL.

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When Buzzfeed wrote about the fan's thread, she reshared it on Twitter saying: "I personally think she was a victim from the start……. her parents named her Sharpay!"

Read the fans entire thread here, and figure out if you think Sharpay has actually been the victim all along.

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