Get ready for a total walk down memory lane, thanks to Debby Ryan! Yep, the former Disney Channel star recently took to TikTok and dressed up like some of her most iconic characters from over the years, and we seriously can’t get enough. But that’s not all! Prepare yourselves, people, because the 27-year-old also reenacted her facial expression that’s been taking the internet by storm recently — you know the one!

In the now-viral TikTok, the actress showed off what she would wear during Fashion Week if she was Bailey Pickett from Suite Life On Deck, Jessie Prescott from Jessie or Patty Bladell from InsatiableFinally, Debby shook followers by dressing up exactly like Tara Adams from Radio Rebel and tucking her hair behind her ear. Yeah, it was seriously iconic!

@debbyryanthe president said to make a tiktok… ##whatidwear♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters

As fans know, back in May, when the facial expression first started to pop up everywhere, Debby revealed that she was in on the joke via Twitter. After social media was flooded with hilarious memes about her facial expressions in her old films, like 16 Wishes and Radio Rebel, she spoke out.

“I was serious about my craft from a young age and studied technique alongside Roxanne from A Goofy Movie,” she posted to Twitter.

For those who missed it, the memes taking over social media often featured Debby in her role as a shy girl in Radio Rebel. For months, fans have attempted to recreate her “shy” look by tucking their hair behind their ear and looking off into the distance with a smirk on her face. Since they first started going viral, many of the TikTok videos and Twitter posts have garnered thousands of views. So, it’s no wonder Debby caught wind of the joke. Thankfully, she’s been taking it like a total champion and even played along!

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