Oh no, what was going on with Shawn Mendes and his face? That was the question on everyone’s mind when the “In My Blood” singer took to his Instagram story to show his fans that his rather pretty face was all scratched and cut up. The poor guy got injured, but still managed to perform because you know, the show must go on. And now we’re finally seeing how he looked up on stage singing through the pain!

A video of one of his performances with country group Zac Brown Band from their upcoming episode of CMT’s Crossroads series has arrived with the full episode airing on Oct. 24. But you can see the left side of Shawn’s face has a big bruise on it.

Shawn hit the stage and seemed to be just fine, which was nice for fans to see since they were v worried about him.

“I fell off of a scooter, very hardcore,” he said with a laugh. “My and my friend were riding these silly electric scooters around the city. I wasn’t even going that fast actually. I was just going a little bit slow and I turned around and something happened. And I said, ‘I dont want to break a wrist so I put my face into the ground. But it’s okay because I can still play guitar and still sing and that’s what matters.”

Umm okay Shawn, going face first into the ground sounds terrifying! The fact that he was willing to bust up his face but not his hands and wrists since he needs those to play music proves that Shawn is truly a dedicated musician. Before he shared the full story of what went down, the Canadian cutie had everyone seriously worried since he simply just posted two boomerangs on his Instagram, displaying the damage, with no other major details. In the first video, Shawn was seen drinking from a mug and he wrote, “Fell off a bird. Lol,” over the shot. You can see he has a scrape right under his eye and near the corner of his mouth.


shawn mendes face injury
Instagram, @shawnmendes


He gave fans an even closer look at the damage in the second snap he shared.


shawn mendes face cut
Instagram, @shawnmendes


He was poking a bit of fun at himself, so it became clear this luckily wasn’t as serious as it could’ve been. At first though, just saying he fell off a “bird” left everyone super confused. Was he riding an actual bird?? But taking a minute to think about it and we now have confirmation from Shawn himself that the bird he is referring to is an electric scooter. Poor Shawn was going through a phase where he really seemed to always find a way to end up tripping and falling, like he did on stage not too long before the scooter incident.



He’s doing just fine now though and let’s just hope this injury doesn’t leave any permanent marks. He already has a scar on his cheek he’s had since he was a kid that the singer got from trying to shave his face when he was super little. So now he’s really going for the rough and tumble look, it seems! His face is some precious cargo, after all…

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