OH EM GEE, we just might have a new crush alert on our hands coming from Shawn Mendes and Zendaya. Yes, we’re serious. But let us explain it all before you start totally freaking out. So here’s the situation: 

The “In My Blood” singer happened to be casually scrolling on Twitter (we’re assuming here) like most of us tend to do and he happened to be struck by a work of art. AKA, Z’s latest selfie. The actress looked legit stunning casually lounging, rocking a golden makeup look she did herself. She was glowing and anyone who follows Zendaya on Twitter and Instagram knows when she decides to drop a glam AF selfie on us, it feels like the whole world collectively stops an admires how flawless she is. And this includes Shawn, who liked the tweet.

shawn zendaya twitter

And we don’t blame him! Girl is SLAYING, as always. But, of course, we’re out here wondering if this was Shawn’s subtle way of letting the world he had a lil crush on the starlet. TBH, who doesn’t?! Fun fact though: Shawn and Z do actually know each other. They hung out at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, which was the year Z actually hosted the show.

shawn zendaya rdmas 2015

They seemed to get pretty chummy with each other too. Like, can you handle the cuteness radiating from these pics?

So clearly, they go way back. And as far as we know, Shawn is 100% single. He was last linked to Hailey Baldwin, who we all know is engaged to Justin Bieber. As for Zendaya, she’s the master of keeping her love life private. Remember when she casually revealed she had a boyfriend for four years the public knew nothing about? Plus, she’s been rumored to be dating her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland, something they’ve both denied, although there’s been plenty of evidence out there they might just be more than friends. So while we don’t think the Shawn and Zendaya ship will be setting sail anytime soon, it’s kind of amazing to know celebs are just like us: totally not immune to the magic of a Zendaya selfie.

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