Lately, we've been asking ourselves one question over and over: "What the heck do I want for Christmas?" But the answer is, we just don't know! We know what we want to get our Riverdale-loving BFF, we've got ideas of stocking stuffer trinkets for all our pals, and we've got cute little gift boxes to package them in. But, we just don't know what we want (other than that perfect mistletoe kiss). So to answer our question — so we can finally give an answer to our mom, our older sister, grandma, Auntie Stacey, and our friend who won't stop bugging us — we came up with a handy chart to figure it out for us.

From room decor to style moves to fangirl mania, we've got all kinds of gifts to choose from. Whatever answer you end up with, you're bound to find something that you like. And if you want exactly what you see, we've got you covered on that end, too! Just check out the gift guide at the bottom of the chart to snag what you're looking for and send the link right to mom (or whomever). Ready to find out what you want for Christmas? Let our chart show you what you need.

what i want for christmas

What did you want for Christmas?

Want it? Grab it! We've got everything from our Christmas gift flowchart here for you try and buy on Amazon. And it's all less than $40.

A cool statement piece for your room!

what do i want for christmas? moon lamp

This moon lamp is gorgeous, and can totally bring your space together.

Where to buy: $26.99, Amazon

A cute blanket for your bed!

what do i want for christmas? mermaid tail blanket

This mermaid throw is cozy AF, and whenever you curl up, you'll be transported somewhere magical.

Where to buy: $26.85, Amazon

A poster for your wall!

what do i want for christmas? favorite band poster

The more time spent gazing on your favorite band's handsome faces, the better, are we right?

Where to buy: $18.99, Amazon

A display for your photos!

what do i want for christmas? string light photo hangers

These string light clips show off your favorite memories and give your space some ambiance.

Where to buy: $18.99, Amazon

An awesome hair accessory!

what do i want for christmas? hair chalk

This hair chalk can totally transform your look, and it easily washes out once you're done.

Where to buy: $15.99, Amazon

Some tech accessories!

what do i want for christmas? cool phone case

This Starbucks coffee cup case is absolutely adorable, so show off your frappe obsession with pride.

Where to buy: $9.99, Amazon

A season of your favorite TV show!

what do i want for christmas? favorite tv show season

That way you can watch it as much as you want, even if they take it off Netflix.

Where to buy: $29.99, Amazon

Some seriously cool headphones!

what do i want for christmas? cat headphones

This pair of Bluetooth headphones has amazing glowing cat ears to top them off.

Where to buy: $35.88, Amazon

A portable speaker!

what do i want for christmas? portable macaron speakers

These versions are shaped like petite, pastel macarons, and they look and sound good enough to eat.

Where to buy: $25.55, Amazon

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