Since stirring up dating rumors with Emma Chamberlain, fans are dying to know more about Peter McPoland. The singer has been releasing music since 2018, and is best known for his singles “Romeo & Juliet” and “Digital Silence” — keep reading to learn more about the lucky guy!

Are Emma Chamberlain and Peter McPoland Actually Dating?

It’s unclear if the two are actually dating, as fans are theorizing about their relationship through scraps of social media clues, such as the fact that Emma’s dad and friends are following the musician on Instagram. However, Emma and Peter were spotted out together in May 2024, via fan footage.

Along with that, a November 2023 interview of Peter talking about how much he admires Emma resurfaced on TikTok following the dating rumors — which led fans to believe that this might have been the spark that brought them together.

After one of the interviewers told Peter he gives “Role Model vibes” (a.k.a. Emma’s ex-boyfriend), the singer responded: “I guess so, yeah, I guess so — I think they broke up,” he revealed, referencing Emma and Role Model’s 2023 breakup.

Host Zach Sang then asked if he would “raise his hand” — indirectly asking if Peter would potentially ask Emma out — which the musician denied, as Emma is like “an icon to me.”

“I love her in business. I appreciate Emma Chamberlain so much I appreciate what she’s done … she’s an icon to me, I look up to Emma Chamberlain, I love her, she’s so good,” he gushed. “To me, she’s Bruce Springsteen,” Peter continued. “I love Bruce, I love Emma Chamberlain, to me, they’re equal.”

While the two have yet to confirm or deny the relationship rumors, fans got even more suspicious after Role Model hinted that his ex has “found somebody new.”

In April 2024, Tucker posted a clip to his TikTok account which teased a song that seemingly insinuated Emma had moved on.

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